1. Do you think this CARES act will help me as a small business owner with few employees?  (Time: 1:02)

2. Can you give me a quick overview of what the Act can do for me? (Time: 2:02)

3. What do you recommend I do first?  (Time: 4:13)

4. Does PPP accrue interest?  (Time: 5:17)

5. How do I apply of EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan)?  (Time: 6:58)
     – –

6. How does the $10,000 grant work?  (Time: 8:00)

7. What if I’m a very small business – perhaps sole proprietor?  (Time: 8:54)

8. If I file for an EIDL does that stop me from also applying for a PPP?  (Time: 10:05)

9. How do I calculate the amount I can get? (Time: 10:29)

10. How do I calculate the amount I get forgiven?  (Time: 11:30)

11. How are the loans intended to help me?  (Time: 12:34)

12. How do I apply?  (Time: 14:45)

13. Can I use my normal bank?  (Time: 17:14)

14. How soon could I expect to receive the money?  (Time: 17:37)

15. What are the other SBA Loans?  (Time: 18:48)

16. What collateral do I need for them?  (Time: 21:23)