Crowd Favorite at 2016 Mid-Atlantic Convention

most-popularWe just returned from the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Monument Builders Convention in Baltimore and are proud to announce that Tecstone enjoyed displaying the most popular monument at the show.  To be honest, that’s an unofficial recognition as the convention does not give out awards, but with the convention committee returning several times as a group to view it, with the hundreds of people of who flocked around this single monument coupled by the scores who wanted to speak to us just about this one monument, and the fact we sold seven (7) of them on Saturday alone – was clear enough indication.  We’ve never experienced the attention or sales at any convention that this single monument claimed.  The show’s attendees even came up with its name…. Butterfly Kisses. Continue reading

Cemetery Lettering Blast Pot

The IBIX systems are excellent abrasive blasting systems and offer the mobility you need for field work; where the minimal clean-up / dust / noise is particularly effective.

IbixThe  IBIX 6 – Easy Blaster

This portable blaster is perfect for many applications where a light, compact unit is required. This is often used for lettering a stone in the field, or touch-up work in the yard. The Easy Blaster delivers a perfectly consistent air and media flow while requiring very low air volume and only one operator.

  • Structure is all Aluminum
  • Working Pressure 3-130 psi
  • Air Requirements >10 cfm
  • Production, 35-55 sqft. /h avg.
  • 20ft Hose
  • Standard Nozzle, 1/8”
  • Weight Empty, 26lbs
  • Abrasive Capacity, 13lbs or .212 ft3
  • Abrasive Usage 0.75-1.5 lbs. /sq.ft. avg.
  • IBIX 6 Easy Blaster (includes Hose and Gun) ………………………………….. $2,300.00

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“Good Will” can equal “GREAT Publicity”

It all started last June when a local Columbus TV Station reported on an embarrassing mishap with a Korean War Memorial.  In a neighboring county, a group of patriotic and good-intentioned citizens and veterans had commissioned and erected a laser etched memorial to local heroes who had perished in the Korean conflict.  It was unveiled over the Memorial Day weekend, and soon received national media attention for several grossly inaccurate blunders!

3846987_GThe Korean War was fought between 1951 and 1953.  The etchings inaccurately depict a combination of the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars, and the current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Less than half of what was depicted on the memorial was historically accurate.

The helicopter and some of the soldiers etched into the stone were from the Vietnam War. There’s an Abrahams tank that saw its first popular action during the gulf war.  There was an F-16 fighter jet which didn’t debut until 1974. The most glaring mistake was the largest display of soldiers wearing current (2014) uniforms. Continue reading